SNEAK PEAK: Upcoming Exhibition in the Contemporary Art Galleries by Jong Oh

Artist, Jong Oh prepares for the opening of his show in the Contemporary Art GalleriesSotto Voce. Oh identifies his primary medium as space. His sparse constructions sculpt their environments by employing negative spaces, lighting effects and cast shadows to alter viewers’ perceptions of their surroundings

Oh states about his work:

“Responding to a site’s nuanced configuration, I build spatial structures by suspending Plexiglas and painted strings in the air. These elements connect or intersect with one another, depending on the viewers’ perspectives. Viewers walk in and around these paradoxical boundaries constituted by three-dimensionality and flatness, completion and destruction. The viewers’ experience becomes a meditation on perception’s whim.”






Sotto Voce opens on March 26th, 2016 with an Artist Talk at 5pm and the Reception will follow from 6pm-7pm

The show will be open from March 26th – May 6th