Graphic Design

Graphic Design in the Department of Art & Art History is predicated upon Graphic Design as a multifaceted discipline in the art and practice of verbalizing, visualizing and communicating ideas. This approach offers students the creative, intellectual and technological skill sets necessary to become design practitioners engaged with real world design opportunities. Design students at the University of Connecticut are immersed in design thinking and learning. The studio based curriculum focuses on visual principles, theories and strategies for the practice of visual communication across all platforms and modalities.

BFA Degree Requirements

A minimum of 120 total degree credits are required for a BFA degree. Within the 120 total credits a minimum of 66 must be studio art credits, with 30 of the 66 credits at the 3000/4000 level.


Studio Art Credits



Art History Credits



General Education Requirements & Electives

Suggested Sequence of Study

Suggested Sequences of Study for BFA concentrations are only samples/suggested course schedules. Requirements are subject to change and may vary based on catalog year, curriculum changes and course availability.

First Year

Semester 1
ART1010/Studio Concepts /3cr.
ART1020/Criticism & Interpretation /3cr.
ART1030/Drawing 1 /3cr.
Art History 1000/Content Area 1 /3cr.
English 1010/1011 /4cr.
Total Credits /16CR.

Semester 2
ART1040/Drawing 2 /3cr.
ART2110 Graphic Design Process & Thinking /3cr.
Basic Studio 2310, 2410, 2510 or 2610 /3cr.
Content Area 2 /3cr.
Content Area 3 /3–4cr.
Total Credits /15–16CR.

Second Year

Semester 3
ART2011 Intro to Digital Media /3cr.
Basic Studio Art 2310, 2410, 2510 or 2610 /3cr.
ART2120 Graphic Design 1: Typography /3cr.
Content Area 3 (Lab) /3cr.
Content Area 4 /4cr.
Total Credits /16cr.

Semester 4
Basic Studio Art 2310, 2410, 2510 or 2610 /3cr.
ART3995 Counterproof Press /3cr.
ART3110 Graphic Design 2: Relational Design /3cr.
Content Area 1 /3cr.
Content Area 4 /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Third Year

Semester 5
ART3120 Graphic Design 3: Visual Systems /3cr.
ART4130 Design Center /3cr.
ART3000 Studio Art Elective /3cr.
Art History 3000/4000 /3cr.
Math/Stats Q /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Semester 6
ART4110 Graphic Design 4: Communication Dynamics /3cr.
ART4130 Design Center /3cr.
ART3000 Graphic Design Elective* /3cr.
Art History 3000/4000 Elective /3cr.
Content Area 2 /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Fourth Year

Semester 7**
ART4130 Design Center /3cr.
ART3000 Studio Art Elective /3cr.
Art History 3000/4000 /3cr.
ART3000 Graphic Design Elective* /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Semester 8
ART4901 Senior Project /3cr.
ART3131 Graphic Design: Interactive /3cr.
ART3000 Graphic Design Elective* /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Studio Art 3000/4000L Electives may include:
ART3130 Web Design
ART3131 Interactive Design
ART3132 Motion Graphics
ART3170 Design Survey
ART3993 Art Foreign Study (CSM London)
ART3998 Counterproof Press
ART4120 Publication Design
ART4130# Design Center

#May be repeated once

** Students may elect to participate in Graphic Design in London during Semester 7, rather than Semester 5

London Alternative

Third Year

Semester 5
Graphic Design in London

ART3170 Design Survey /3cr.
ART3000 Graphic Design Elective /3cr.
ART3993 Art Foreign Study /6cr.
Total Credits /12cr.

Semester 6
ART4130 Design Center /3cr.
ART3132 Graphic Design: Motion Graphics /3cr.
Art History 3000/4000 Elective /3cr.
Content Area 2 /3cr.
Math/Stats Q /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Art History 3000/4000 /3cr.

Post-London Alternative

Fourth Year

Semester 7
ART4130 Design Center /3cr.
ART3000 Graphic Design Elective* /3cr.
Art History 3000/4000 /3cr.
Art History 3000/4000 /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Semester 8
ART4901 Senior Project /3cr.
ART4110 Graphic Design 4 /3cr.
ART3000 Graphic Design Elective* /3cr.
ART3000 Graphic Design Elective* /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

BA Degree

Students pursuing a BA in Studio Art are not required to declare a concentration, and therefore follow a more general Plan of Study.

BFA & BA Student Work in Graphic Design


Visiting Designers

Prem Krishnamurthy
Paul Sahre
Chris Sleboda
Nick Rock
Jiminie Ha
Rich Hollant
Daphne Geismar
Tim Belonax
Tony Braithwaite
Breanne Trammel
Cynthia Pratomo
Melissa Small, UCGD BFA ’03
Luke Demarest

Zak Jensen
Joel Evey
Mary Banas
Kelly Walters
Renald Louissaint
Isaac Gertman
Heather Phillips
Marcella Kovac, The Bananaland
Milo Bonacci
Liz de Luna
David Frisco
Peter Hall

Steff Geissbuhler
Paul Elliman
Henk van Assen
Rob Giampietro
Thierry Blancpain
David Yun + WAX Studios
Jen Magathan
Dave Bellona, UCGD BFA ’03
Karl Heine
Steve Bowden

Proud of UCGD BFA ’16 alum @carlosbycarlos on his profile in Men's Health! Hell yes Carlos!!


Greetings all UCGD Alumni. We are preparing a retrospective exhibition about our colleague Edvin Yegir that will open 2 September 2022 in the Contemporary Art Galleries on campus. The exhibition surveys the three pillars of Edvin's work — activism, practice ...and pedagogy.

Edvin's teaching was a unique reflection of his philosophy about life. We can think of no better way to represent the impact of his teaching than through those who benefited from it.

We are seeking any and all alumni who worked with Edvin and would be willing to design a broadside about his influence in your life and career.

Please follow the below link (also in our bio) to our Google form to indicate your participation. You will also find at the link details about formats, submission and production. We will be printing these in quantity, which will be available as take-aways at the exhibition.

We hope as many as are able will engage this opportunity to contribute to this lasting documentation of Edvin's legacy.

Many many thanks!

#riso for BFA Art show opening in the UConn Art Building next Thursday April 14 7-9pm! Design by @product.png via UConn Design Center 💙💗💘

BFA Senior Project Riso Printing time! Day 3 of 4 is done ✅ 🎉 🤩 #riso #risograph #uconn #ucgd #graphicdesign

To everyone who contributed to Edvin's Scholarship — there are no words to express the gratitude and thanks we feel! Edvin was so loved! And he would be so humbled by the outpouring of appreciation and love you have shown him.

It has been a joy to see so many names of student's... past appear. Teaching can be bittersweet. It is so rewarding to collaborate with such wonderful students, but there is also a sadness because just as we get to know you and witness you develop into brilliant designers and thoughtful citizens (thank you again Edvin!) you graduate into your lives. Edvin's spirit lives on in all of you and for that I am deeply grateful.

In the months to come we will share news about an exhibition in his honor and look forward to a reception when we hope we can see all the faces that go with such wonderful alumni, donors, and friends.

Many thanks to @megsmith14 for this beautiful video of Edvin from her time studying with him in London.

Much love, respect and thanks to all


UCONN Gives ends at 7PM tonight. If you've been thinking about donating, now's the time. Carpé diem.

We are so grateful to the hundreds who have given, and moved to tears by the lovely comments from those whose lives Edvin influenced. Thank you ❤️


UCGD alum @justinebraisted designed this beautiful RISO printed book and dedicated it fondly to Edvin. So much love! Thank you Justine! Edvin's legacy is so immense.

His fund is doing so well! Thanks to all who have remembered him this way. Encourage others to give please. We want ...Edvin to take first among total donors!



How far is the reach of UCGD?
Can we get donors from all 50 states?
If Edvin can NOT wear black once, we can do this!!

The minimum contribution is just $5. And it's for a meaningful cause. Your gift pays it forward.

This is the time to give! C'mon Illinois! ...C'mon Iowa! Nevada?! Montana?! We know you're out there. Let's cross the country for Edvin!


United Kingdom

Graphic Design in London

Each Fall, a faculty member leads Graphic Design students on a semester-long program in London, England. Students enroll at Central Saint Martins, part of the University of the Arts London, on the Graphic Communication Design course. Student study alongside CSM peers in addition to completing UCONN Graphic Design coursework with the resident faculty director.

Program costs and application submissions can be done through the Experiential Global Learning Graphic Design in London program page.

I want to know more about Graphic Design in London!

Graphic Design in London Alumni

Justine Braisted
Shane Milan
Cara Borelli
Jenna Simmons
Jen Lindberg
Emily Nitti
Dawn Tarabocchia
Kristin Davis
Alexis Sundara
Basia Karpiel
Sara Jamshidi
Kiah Wagner
Olivia Sommo
Leyla Aricia
Micha Aviad
Katie-May Howarth
Colin Ladd
Elijah Matthews
Yadavi Patil
Jared Poulsen

Bria Caso
Marilyn O'Dowd
Jocelyn Lau
Drianne Laliberte
Alyssa Najm
Andrea Menchero
Franklin Canales
Olivia Taylor
Rachel Conti
Tracey Tassinari
David Pereira
Erika Back
Mika Mercado
Brooke Foti
Emily Makarainen
Meghan Smith
Mei Buzzell
Cecilia Estanislao
Emilie Dufresne
Natalie Baker

Carlos Dominguez
Vanessa Hopkins
Hunter Kelley
Renald Louissaint
Nicole McDonald
Kellie Pcolar
Brigid Reale
Jacob Rochester
Sarah Williams
Rachel Sarnie
Rebecca Turner
Olivia Crosby
Kaitlin Ford
Jing Huang
Addison Silva
Chin Rochester
Taylor Fournier
Kristen Jones
Jillian Juhas

Joshua Gluck
Samantha Heanue
Thai Tzickas
Alec Marcus
José Ortiz
Alex Makarainen
Raeanne Nuzzo
Isamar Sola
Sara Georgas
Alex Brashears
Madeline Bugbee
Barbara Clayton

Graphic Design in London Instagram

We’ve had such a joy of riches this term in London and among the best were visits from UCGD alumni. @oh_crosby and @renald.l who both visited in November. And today @emilyamijee and @justinebraisted came in to Open Studios!! Such a pleasure to see them all!! ...

Spent a lovely evening with lovely UCGD and UCDESIGNUK alum @emilyamijee and this lovely bunch of UCGD students. Thanks for coming out with us Emily!! ❤️ ...