As part of a cross-disciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, the Printmaking concentration is a space where many approaches to print media are practiced in unison.
Students utilize fully equipped facilities to investigate a full range of traditional printmaking media including intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, and letterpress, as well as new and experimental approaches incorporating digital processes and alternative types of presentation and media. The curriculum cultivates an understanding of craft and design as well as the potential of print media to address a variety of conceptual and formal topics. The Printmaking concentration creates a bridge between history and contemporary thought, preparing students for a dynamic future as professional artists, printers, gallery and museum professionals, educators, or for study at the M.F.A. level.

BFA Degree Requirements

A minimum of 120 total degree credits are required for a BFA degree. Within the 120 total credits a minimum of 66 must be studio art credits, with 30 of the 66 credits at the 3000/4000 level.


Studio Art Credits



Art History Credits



General Education Requirements & Electives

Suggested Sequence of Study

Suggested Sequences of Study for BFA concentrations are only samples/suggested course schedules. Requirements are subject to change and may vary based on catalog year, curriculum changes and course availability.

First Year

Semester 1
ART1010 Studio Concepts /3cr.
ART1020 Criticism & Interpretation /3cr.
ART1030 Drawing 1 /3cr.
Art History 1000/Content Area 1 /3cr.
English 1010/1011 /4cr.
Total Credits /16

Semester 2
ART1040/Drawing 2 /3cr.
ART2310, 2410, 2510 or 2610 /3cr.
ART2110 Graphic Design Process & Thinking /3cr.
Content Area 2 /4cr.
Content Area 3 /3cr.
Total Credits /15–16

Second Year

Semester 3
ART2010 Life Drawing /3cr.
ART2310, 2410, 2510 or 2610 /3cr.
ART2510 Basic Studio Printmaking /3cr.
Content Area 3 (Lab) /3cr.
Content Area 4 /4cr.
Total Credits /16cr.

Semester 4
ART3510 Intaglio /3cr.
Studio Art Elective /3cr.
Studio Art Elective /3cr.
Content Area 1 /3cr.
Content Area 4 /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Third Year

Semester 5
ART3520 Lithography /3cr.
Studio Art 3000/4000 Elective /3cr.
Studio Art Elective /3cr.
Art History 1000/2000L or 3000/4000 /3cr.
Math/Stats Q /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Semester 6
ART3530 Advanced Print Workshop /3cr.
Studio Art 3000/4000L Elective /3cr.
Studio Art 3000/4000L Elective /3cr.
Art History 3000/4000W Elective /3cr.
Content Area 2 /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Fourth Year

Semester 7
ART3901 Advance Studio Projects /3cr.
ART3530# Advanced Print Workshop /3cr.
Art History 3000/4000 /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Semester 8
ART4901 Senior Project /3cr.
ART3530# Advanced Print Workshop /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Elective /3cr.
Total Credits /15cr.

Studio Art 3000/4000L Electives may include:
ART3530# Advanced Print Workshop
ART3993 Art Foreign Study (ISI Florence)

#May be repeated for up to 18 credits

BA Degree

Students pursuing a BA in Studio Art are not required to declare a concentration, and therefore follow a more general Plan of Study.

BFA & BA Student Work in Printmaking