Undergraduate Minors

A minor is an officially-recognized cluster of coursework elected in a department other than one’s Major department. The minor provides official transcript recognition of a supplementary scholarly interest, a pattern of courses pursued in addition to the structured program of your major. Minors serve several purposes. For many students, a minor imposes some useful structure upon the task of choosing elective courses in a favorite subject. For others, a minor ensures that the transcript will show a mature diversity of academic pursuits. Some students feel that a minor field will signal something to prospective employers about their skills and interests. Others find themselves majoring in a field that isn’t their first love, and the minor helps ease the discomfort of such a choice. By electing the Studio Art minor you can give shape and substance to an interest in art and design.

Minor in Studio Art

Studio Art Minor Requirements

Minor students must complete a minimum of 18 Art course credits (earning a grade of C or better) according to the following division:
Either ART1010, 1030 or 1040
Five additional ART courses at the 2000-level or above (minimum 15 credits).


ART1030 or



2000 Level or above Studio Art courses



Studio Art course credits minimum

How do I apply for a Studio Art Minor?

Complete the Studio Art Minor Declaration Form

Fill out the Studio Art Minor Declaration form and submit it to the Studio Art Minor coordinator. The Coordinator will contact you regarding next steps. It may take a few weeks for the Minor to appear on your transcript.

Minor Declaration Form
Studio Art Minor Coordinator

Studio Art Minor FAQs

Do I need to apply to the SFA or complete a portfolio review in order to apply for the Studio Art Minor?
No, but please contact the Studio Art Minor Coordinator for more information and fill out the Studio Art Minor Declaration Form

How long will it take to complete the minor?
Students wishing to complete the Studio Art Minor degree must complete a minimum of eighteen (18) credits in ART courses.  One of these courses must be either ART 1010, ART 1030 or Art 1040; five (5) courses at the 2000 or 3000 level.

How do I enroll in an art class as a Studio Art Minor?
Studio Art Minors must contact the individual instructor of a course to obtain a permission number. While preference is given to Art and DMD majors, Art Minors have priority over other non-art-majors and will be able to enroll in a class if there is space once majors have enrolled. While minors technically do not need prerequisites for classes, this is ultimately up to the individual instructor teaching the class.

Can I start the Studio Art Minor after I have already taken an art course?
Yes, but you must contact the Studio Art Minor Coordinator as soon as possible to declare the Art Minor. Not all studio art classes can be used to fulfill Studio Art Minor requirements, and courses taken out of sequence will need approval.

Can AP, Transfer and Foreign Study Art Course credits fulfill Studio Art Minor requirement?
With an AP portfolio score of 5, AP Credit may be substituted for Art 1030 Drawing I, without further portfolio evaluation. No other AP Credit, nor Transfer Credit of any kind may be applied to the Minor.  A maximum of 6 credits of University of Connecticut Foreign Study Program Credits may be used to fulfill Minor requirements. The Studio Art Minor Coordinator will signSubstitution (Graduation Exception) Forms.pdffor Foreign Study credit.

What should I do if I decide to drop the Studio Art Minor?
You must email the registrar directly to communicate your intention not to complete the Studio Art Minor course of study. If you do not officially “un-declare” the minor, your transcript and PeopleSoft “degree requirements” will indicate an incomplete course of study.

Who is the Studio Art Minor Coordinator?
Professor Kathryn Myers
Contact Studio Art Minor Coordinator

Minor in Art History

This minor provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the current and historical roles that the visual arts play in a range of artistic, cultural and social contexts.

Art History Minor Requirements

Students are required to complete fifteen 2000-3000 level credits in Art History drawn from the three primary Art History groups: Group A: Ancient, Medieval or Renaissance Art; Group B: Art from the 19th Century to the Present; Group C: Art from Global Perspectives


Art History Requirements at the 2000–4000 level

How do I apply for a Minor in Art History?

Complete the Art History Minor Declaration Form

Arrange for a meeting with Professor Robin Greeley, Art History Coordinator and complete the Art History Minor Declaration Form.

Art History Minor Declaration Form

Art History Minor Plan of Study

The Art History Minor Plan of Study is a worksheet to track completion of required coursework for the minor.

Art History Minor Plan of Study