Alumni & Creative Careers

Programs in Art & Art History (Graphic Design, Illustration/Animation, Printmaking, Industrial Design, Art History, Photography/Video, Painting/Drawing, Sculpture/Ceramics) equip students with the tools, not just to succeed, but to be fulfilled. We hone skills that teach adaptability. Our graduates have gone on to rewarding, sustainable careers in numerous creative fields and endeavors.


What our Alumni do

Graduates with BFA Degrees in Art or BFA Degrees in Art History are highly employable. The positions open to them are endless and constantly expanding.

Creative Director
Graphic Design
Editorial Illustrator
Book Designer
Web Designer
Web Developer
User Interface Designer
Advertising Designer
Animation Director
Brand Identity Designer

Claymation Animator
Art Director
Medical Illustrator
Fashion Designer
Interior Designer
Marketing Director
Motion Designer

Display Designer
Art Therapist
Gallery Manager
Art Teacher
Art Historian
Computer Animator
Model Maker
Stop Motion Animator
Storyboard Artist

Package Designer
Exhibit Designer
Type DEsigner
Design Consultant
Portrait Artist
Silkscreen Artist
and more!...


Where our Alumni go

Alumni from Art & Art History comprise a broad and successfuly network of creative and visual arts professionals and scholars. Our alumni have made careers with some of the most dynamic opportunities in the creative fields today.

Big Spaceship
Blue Sky Studios
The Brand Union
Crispin, Porter & Bogusky
Design Observer
Fantagraphic Books
The Frick Museum
Frog Design
Google Creative Labs
Group C

Local Projects
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The New Yorker
Ogilvy & Mather
Once and Future
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Princeton Architectural Press
Real Art Ways
Sametz Blackstone
Sol Lewitt Studio
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

VSA Partners
The Wadsworth Atheneum
Yale University Art Gallery
Yale University Press
YouTube Gaming

Advanced Degrees

Why our Alumni excel

Art & Art History alumni often develop a desire to learn more. Our alumni have been accepted at some of the most competitive and prestigious post-graduate programs in the world.

California College of the Arts
Columbia College
Goldsmiths University (London)
Minneapolis College of Art & Design
MIT Media Lab
New York Academy of Art
New York University (NYU)

Parsons School of Design
Pratt Institute
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
Royal College of Art (London)
Savannah College of Art + Design
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
School of Visual Arts (SVA)
SUNY Stonybrook

University of Chicago
University of Georgia
University of Wisconsin
Yale School of Art
and more!...

Visiting Artists & Designers

We attract excellence

Each year, guest artists, designers, and scholars join us to talk about their work, offer master classes, and critique undergraduate and graduate student work.

Kathy Butterly/Painter, Sculptor
Ravi Agarwal/Photographer, Environmental Activist, Writer, Curator
Michael Siporin Levin/Printmaker
Joseph DeLappe/Professor of Games and Tactical Media, Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland
Candice Ivy/Installation
Claudia Alvarez/Painter, Sculptor
Laura Newman/Painter
Suzy Gonzales and Michael Menchaca/Printmakers
Jim Burke/Illustrator
Sharon Butler/Painter, Art Writer
Shigeyuki Kihara/New Zealand Multimedia Artist
James Welling/Photographer, Painter
Carrier Mae Weems/Photographer and Multi-media Artist
Peter D. Barberie/Convocation Speaker, Curator of Photographs, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Holland Cotter/Convocation Speaker, Art Critic, New York Times
John Curtis/Keeper of the Department of the Middle East, British Museum, and CEO, Iran Heritage Foundation
Susan Downey/Professor, UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Paul Elliman/Artist, London
Sharon Louden/Artist, Author
Kelly Murphy/Illustrator
Mithu Sen/Painter, Sculptor, Installation
Art Spiegelman/Illustrator, Author
Alan Labb/Photographer
Peter Hall/Design Writer, London
Rita Lombardi/Photographer
Patrick Earl Hammie/Painter
Ted Efremoff/Performance, Installation
Glen Baldridge/Printmaker, Photographer
Erin Wiersma/Illustrator
Sally Smart/Puppetry
Tony Braithwaite/Screenprinter
Shirin Neshat
/Photographer, Filmmaker
Cecelia Klein/Professor, UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Aztec art, ideology and politics
Marc van de Mieroop/Professor of Ancient Near East & Ancient Egypt, Columbia University
Yong Soon Min/Curator, “THERE: Sites of Korean Diaspora”
Stephen Murray/Professor of Medieval Art History and Director of Art Humanities, Columbia University

Marina Abramovic/Performance
Svetlana Alpers/Art Historian, Professor
Janine Antoni/Performance, Sculpture, Photography
Janet Biggs/Video, Photography, Performance
Albert Chong/Photography, Sculpture, Installation
Sue Coe/Artist, Illustrator
Susanna Coffey/Painter
Petah Coyne/Sculpture, Photography
Renee Cox/Photography, Lecture, Curator
Gregory Crewdson/Photography
Thomas Crow/Art historian and critic
Rudy Gutierrez/Illustrator
Edgar Heap-of-Birds/Multimedia
Alfredo Jaar/Architect, Filmmaker
Sally Mann/Photographer
Barbara Pollack/Arts Writer, Contemporary Chinese Art – ARTnews and the New York Times
Roberta Smith/Art Critic, New York Times
Doris Sommer/Director of the Cultural Agents Initiative, Harvard University

Kerry James Marshall/Painter
Paul Pfeiffer/Sculpture, Photography, Video
Robert Storr/Curator, Critic, Painter, Academic
Nari Ward/Sculpture
Thierry Blancpain/Typographer, Grilli Type, Switzerland
Steve Ellis/Convocation Speaker, Comic Artist and Graphic Novelist
Joan Jonas/Video and Performance
Prem Krishnamurthy/Graphic Designer, Curator, Writer, Teacher
Ted and Betsy Lewin/Illustrators
Min Ji Lee/Graphic Designer, Typographer, Pentagram, NYC
Ross MacDonald/Printmaker and Illustrator
Barbara McClintock/Illustrator, Author, Guest Critic
Louise Menzies/Artist-in-Residence, Printmaker, Perforamnce, Installation
Jong Oh/Installation Artist
Murray Tinkelman/Illustrator, Illustration Historian
and more!...