BFA in Art: Printmaking Concentration

UConn printmaking

As part of a cross-disciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, the Printmaking concentration functions as an intersection where many approaches to print media are practiced in unison. Coursework encourages both dynamic group interaction and independent inquiry. Students utilize fully equipped facilities to investigate a full range of traditional printmaking media including intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, and letterpress, as well as new and experimental approaches incorporating digital processes and alternative types of presentation and media. The curriculum cultivates an understanding of craft and design as well as the potential of print media to address a variety of conceptual and formal topics. The Printmaking concentration creates a bridge between history and contemporary thought preparing students for a dynamic future as professional artists, printers, gallery and museum professionals, educators, or for study at the M.F.A. level.


The printmaking facilities allow students to explore ideas and imagery while utilizing the widest range of equipment and technologies. The spacious studios are designed to accommodate environmentally conscious materials.

Intaglio/Lithography Studio (Rm 02 Bishop):

  • The lithography area is equipped with two 51” x 30” Charles Brand presses, a 34” x 59” Tackach Garfield press, two 25” x 36” Fuchs and Lang presses, and a comprehensive library of large lithographic stones.
  • The intaglio area includes a 32” x 60” Charles Brand press, a 32″ x 60″ American French Tool Press, and an 18” x 28” Ettan press. A 21” x 25” Nu-Arc Xenon Exposure unit is available for photo-mechanical processes.
  • The relief area has a 30” x 40” Connecticut hydraulic press, assorted large rollers.

Letterpress/Book Arts Studio (Rm 03 Bishop):

  • The letterpress area is equipped with a Vandercook 219AB press, a Vandercook #4 press, two letterpress hand proofing presses, Photo-polymer plate bases, and trays of assorted type.
  • The book binding area includes a hot glue binding machine, book presses, finishing presses, a ring wire binding machine, and a guillotine paper cutter.
  • The studio is also equipped with a Universal Laser Systems laser cutter.

Screen Print Studio (Rm 12 Bishop):

  • The screen-printing area includes a Nu-Arc screen exposure unit, a 52”x 63” (frame size) AWT One Man Squeegee vacuum unit, table-top printing units, and a screen reclaiming sink with power washer.

 Digital Lab (Rm 02A):

  • The digital lab/tech office is equipped with an Epson 7900 wide-format ink jet printer, an Epson 3880 printer and an HP laser printer. Students also have access to two IMac computers and a scanner.