Mahsa Attaran

Class of 2025

Mahsa Attaran is a Persian photographer, visual artist, and fashion designer exploring surrealism, history, culture, family ties, and social justice. She is obsessed with the familial history and the hidden authenticity behind that. Mahsa has created the word FICTURAL to describe her body of work, which means Fictional-Cultural. Her work consists of nuances of Persian culture, art, and architecture, combined with fictional components to help the audience imagine their individual stories. Mahsa’s work generally explores the history, family bonds, Persian cultural heritage, and the modern human’s loneliness. The overarching question throughout her work is how subtle hints of history and past happenings affect our ongoing lives. The inspiration for her work mainly stems from her concerns, research interests, and even simple daily happenings. As a Vegan activist, she is also concerned about global warming and climate change using mixed-media and photographic narrative themes to raise public awareness regarding these crucial matters.

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