Current Students: Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Summer 2014

If you are interested in studying abroad in Copenhagen during Summer 2014, applications (including references) are due on February 1.


ARTH 3993 Copenhagen Architecture and Cityscape is a 3-credit course that runs from May 25 to June 14. The course is open to all upper-level students with an interest in art, architecture, urban and open-space planning, and architecture –from the Middle Ages up to and including exciting, new projects currently underway to make Copenhagen a terrific place to live.


This is the fourth time Professor Givens has offered the class, and it attracts an interesting mix of students from different fields.  It’s an enjoyable way to meet a major requirement and to introduce yourself to travel abroad.


Copenhagen’s many museums are outstanding, and the local art scene in nearby Malmo Sweden has proved appealing for Art and Art History majors, too.




Please contact Professor Jean Givens ( with  questions. And  apply ASAP if you are interested in the course, since space is limited.




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