Chronicle of Higher Education: Employers Value Humanities Grads with Digital Skills

According to a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, prospective employers highly value humanities graduates, in fields like art history and English, who also have digital skills, like building and maintaining websites and managing social media.

One career counselor interviewed noted, “For several years now, I have been meeting with the center’s faculty members, students, and internship directors to learn what they are hearing from employers about our students. Again and again they hear potential employers say things like, ‘We like liberal-arts graduates. They are curious and creative, they write well, they can do research, they are quick learners, and they are good critical thinkers.’ The best of them have the ‘ability to synthesize and distill large amounts of information.’ And ‘we especially need individuals who are good storytellers—who can convey the mission of our organization in a variety of forms.'”

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