Pamela Bramble

Emerita Associate Professor of Painting

MFA, Columbia University

Pamela Bramble is a painter whose work is represented in public and private collections and has been reviewed by The New York Times, The Hartford Courant and Art New England. She received her MFA in painting from Columbia University; her teaching specialties are drawing, painting and art appreciation and she is Coordinating Director of The ARTS Project, UCONN Torrington. Awards include the President’s award for her paintings at The Gregg Galleries in NYC and a UCONN research travel grant to study 14th century frescoes in Italy – images that serve as a foundation and inspiration for much of her painting. Her next exhibit is scheduled for Fall 2014 at Five Points Gallery in historic downtown Torrington, CT.

I am interested in how the process of painting – the activity itself – establishes content. Layered brushwork, the effects of paint removal, incised and inflected line, all worked back and forth into the paint, as a fully energized and sensual exploration, until the paint itself is mystery and meditation. Each painting is worked and reworked until form and content merge.

I think that artistic creation can be seen as a journey, the road that leads from thought, through search, to discovery; the destination not necessarily predetermined as the journey itself is of primary significance. This concept is a philosophical one that I have been drawn to for a very long time. It is a central theme found in literature, film, music and the visual arts. The journey motif defies time and the bounds of culture and I see an intrinsic power in it.

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