Noah Thompson

Class of 2024

I am an image-maker and storyteller who uses literature, aesthetics, and photographic processes to explore vignettes of history, traveling through time and space. My research focuses on queer aesthetics and ethereal scenes as a means of investigating curiosities and phenomena in search of the sublime, the spirit of Romanticism, studying and expanding histories which interact on an atemporal stage. My practice is informed by the dramatic arts, particularly Tennessee Williams’ concept of the Plastic Theatre as a lens through which we find “truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.” As our world grapples with seemingly endless notions of belonging and otherness, I explore the world as a “natural theatre” through which we can navigate the romance between the heaviness of our reality and the ephemeral nature of photography, ultimately discovering our own truths and our own stories. Taking these stories, dressing them up in pastiche, and placing them in anachronistic settings allows me to imbue each image with a transcendent magic of its own.