John O'Donnell

Associate Professor of Printmaking

John O’Donnell a printmaker and new media artist who uses a variety of mediums to convey a variety of messages. His practice as a new media artist addresses artifice, awkward transitions, nostalgia and media representation through video, installation and performance.  As a printmaker he use a variety of traditional and experimental techniques to address formal and conceptual topics pertaining to illusion, construction, failure and nostalgia.  Ultimately, he is a studio artist compelled to create images that locate an ambiguous degree of resolution through applied awareness of content and form.

John has created performance and installation pieces for Blue House Arts, Dayton, OH, Glass Box Gallery, Seattle WA, New Britain Museum of American Art, Museum of New Art in Detroit, MI, Proof Gallery in Boston, MA, FluxSpace in Philadelphia, PA and SOHO20 Gallery in New York, NY. He has exhibited his prints at the Print Center in Philadelphia, the International Print Center in New York and Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea. His videos have been exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York and at film festivals in Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Here is a NYT article featuring his work