Hanieh Kashani

Class of 2025

The main conception of my artworks is to show and criticize the structures that somehow keep the man of his freedom, turn him into a predictable being, and impose enclosed and unoriginal ideologies on him that act as a vaccine that deprives him of true freedom. It’s all like the capitalist, patriarchal system, dogmatic linguistic structures, and its impact on our thoughts and unconscious, which leads contemporary man to concepts such as social alienation.

In my view, man’s awareness of the structures that govern his psyche, thought, and society is the greatest step towards his transcendence. By depicting these structures, and the interactive or passive role of human beings against them, in the first step, I try to use the appropriate materials for each subject and various mediums such as video, performance, and installation, of which simplicity and fluency are their basic components. The goal is to engage the audience mentally and physically with the view that the current situation has been shaped by history and that description and introspection will eventually lead to external influences.