Public Copiers

Public copiers for UConn students can be found in two Art & Art History department locations:

  • outside the Art & Art History department office on the ground floor of the Art Building
  • 2nd floor of the Bishop Center, room 205

They are Xerox WorkCentre 7845 models

Payment: Husky Bucks using your UConn One Card

  • $.10 per side for black & white
  • $.35 per side for color


Usage instructions:

  1. To use the machine for copying, press the ‘Services Home’ button. (If the machine has a blank screen, press the green Energy Saver button to wake it up)
  2. Press the Copy button on the touch-screen interface.
  3. Swipe your UConn ID on the gray cbord card reader.
  4. Copying will default to B&W so if you wish to receive a color output then press ‘Auto Detect’.
  5. Choose any options you wish for your output.
  6. Once you are done with your copying be sure to press DONE on the card reader.