Studio Foundations

ART 1010 Foundation: Studio Concepts is a course designed to introduce incoming students to the nature creativity, art and art making. In both its structure and approach, the course is experimental and conceptual. The main objective of this course is to introduce the incoming student to a variety of studio processes while simultaneously introducing them to conceptual approaches to problem solving. Through a variety of processes and practices which include book making and performance art, the students get a taste of how ideas can be explored and developed through a range of mediums and approaches. All incoming Art students to the Department of Art and Art History are required to take Foundation: Studio Concepts. This course is an important component to the overall Foundations Program and functions as a gateway to learning about creative problem solving, a critical skill needed for any successful visual artist. The experimental nature of the course means that there is a significant focus on how ideas and concepts can be expanded. As artists, we look to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and the extraordinary into the ordinary.


Each group of incoming students rotates through three sections of Foundation: Studio Concepts every four weeks for the duration of the semester. The course culminates with a series of large group projects/installations. Three full time faculty members of the studio program teach the course.