DASL: Digital Art Services Lab

The UConn Digital Art Services Lab (DASL) is a photographic output service bureau run by the Department of Art + Art History to support student curricular needs and faculty research. Our primary service is to print photographic quality digital inkjet prints. However, other photographic services may be available and are negotiable on a time available basis and priced hourly. Services are available to UConn students, faculty, staff, and alumni in select circumstances, but departmental student work is always our first priority.

Our facility is located in ARTB 103. We are quipped with a DASrange of wide-format Epson printers, including: a 9890
(44” wide, Ultrachrome HDR 9-color pigment-based ink); 2 9880s (44” wide, Ultrachrome 9-color pigment-based ink); 2 4900s (17” wide, Ultrachrome 9-color pigment-based ink); and a 3880 (17” wide, black and white dedicated Piezography system). Although we are a fee-based service, our prices are subsidized for our students affording them significant savings over comparable commercial offerings.

File Preparation Guidelines

All users are responsible for payment of print jobs. If your file is prepared incorrectly, it is not our responsibility to correct it. If your print is damaged, see separate reprint policy

  • All files must be flattened for printing. Files received with layers will be flattened and we are not
    responsible for any lost hidden layers, masks, alpha channels, etc.
  • File resolutions of 240ppi or 360ppi resolve best on Epson photographic quality printers.
  • Use Adobe RGB color space for best results.
  • File formats accepted: jpg, tif, or .psd. RAW files will not be processed.
  • Print sizing, resolution adjustments, and color management are not our responsibility. We do not make adjustments to your file. Files must be sized to the proper print output size.
  • Files must be named per the following convention: lastname##, example buttrey01.tif
  • Place all files for printing in a folder titled “PRINTING” on your Mac formatted USB drive.

Special pricing options for students:

  • Prints include 8.5”x11” or 13”x19” sheets of Epson Luster paper.
    (Use the sheet however you choose.)
  • Prices for sheets are: $3 per 8.5”x11”; or $9 per 13”x19”.


Our house roll papers are available in the following widths: 24”, 36” and 44”; prices are calculated by the linear length of the roll used. Please refer to the following chart to determine pricing.

User / Roll width 24” 36” 44”
Student * $12 $18 $22
Faculty + Dept. $20 $30 $37
Outside AAH $26 $39 $48


* Print charge for students who supply paper and run
jobs is $2 per square foot.

For information on Scanning, Reprinting Policies, Specialty Papers and more please see the DASL User Guide or contact the Lab Manager:
Daniel Buttrey