Undergraduate Admissions – General Guidelines

Welcome prospective class of 2026!

The Common Application is now available for Fall 2022 admission.

Admission to the School of Fine Arts as a BFA Studio Art, BA Art or BA Art History applicant is a two-part process. All students will apply through both the Common Application and SlideRoom. The Common Application can be accessed through the University of Connecticut undergraduate Admissions Office.

Entrance into the Studio Art program is competitive and the portfolio review is a vital part of the admission process. Please read the Portfolio Guidelines.

All applicants to Studio Art will upload a portfolio to SlideRoom. You may also attend an in-person review, but are still required to upload a digital portfolio to SlideRoom.

BA Art History and BA Art applicants will upload an essay to SlideRoom. Applicants to BA Art and BA  Art History do not submit a portfolio.

Online Portfolio Review:  All applicants will upload a portfolio through SlideRoom, which is accessible via the Common Application. Admissions and scholarship decisions, and ranking of applicants, occurs only through SlideRoom portfolios.

We DO NOT accept slides, CDs or DVDs.  Please do not send them to either the Department or the Admissions Office.

IMPORTANT:  The University of Connecticut does not consider your application complete until the SlideRoom portfolio has been submitted.

Only applicant portfolios that have been submitted online through SlideRoom in the Common Application, in accordance with the deadlines indicated below, will be considered for admission into the School of Fine Arts.  Portfolios received outside of these processes or after the indicated deadlines will NOT be considered. We do not schedule private review sessions.

Application Deadlines


January 15, 2022 Freshmen and International Applicants: Common Application deadline – all additional materials submitted

January 15, 2022 – Freshmen and International Applicants: Deadline for SlideRoom completion


February 1, 2022 – Transfer Applicants: Application deadline – all additional materials submitted

February 1, 2022 – Transfer Applicants: Deadline for SlideRoom completion

April 1, 2022– Art History Transfer Applicants: Deadline for Application and SlideRoom completion

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