The Portfolio Review Process

While all applicants to the Studio Art degree program must upload a digital portfolio to SlideRoom, many prospective students will also want to participate in an in-person portfolio review. Below is some helpful information regarding your portfolio review.

At UConn we regard the portfolio review process as the beginning of a conversation with you. The portfolio lets us get to know you as an artist – what your strengths and weaknesses are, what your art experiences have been, where your passions and interests lie.

What happens during a portfolio review?

The faculty member will look at your work and ask you to talk about it (for example, the process of making the work, the subject matter, what you were thinking about, whether you see the work as successful). We may also ask you about your art experiences in high school, your vision of the future, and your goals as an artist.

The portfolio review also enables you to get to know us. All of our portfolio reviews are conducted by full-time faculty who are committed to seeing students grow and flourish. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions about our program, the University, and careers in the arts.

What is the worst that can happen?  What if we say “no”?

We believe in artists – and we believe in prospective students who want to be artists.  If your portfolio reveals that you are not ready for our Foundations classes, we will recommend that you enter the university through ACES (the Academic Center for Exploring Students). This will give you the opportunity to begin studio art and art history classes more slowly and build a portfolio for mid-year or end-of-year review in freshman year. It doesn’t mean taking extra time for the degree, because you can focus on taking more General Education courses that first year.

Please keep in mind that all applicants to the program must be admitted to the University academically – a successful portfolio review does not constitute admission to the University. And remember, even if you participate in an in-person review you must still upload a digital portfolio via SlideRoom. This is to ensure that all portfolios are on file and viewable throughout the application process, which includes consideration for financial awards for incoming students. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and discuss your work!