Undergraduate Admissions – Portfolio Requirements for BFA in Art (All Concentrations)

Portfolio Review

A successful portfolio review is required for admission to the Department of Art and Art History as a BFA in Art Major (The BA in Art requires an essay submission rather than a portfolio). All BFA prospective students will upload a portfolio to SlideRoom. Applicants may also have a live portfolio review with UConn faculty (see schedule below.) Even if an applicant is attending a live portfolio review, a portfolio must still be submitted through SlideRoom. This is to ensure that all portfolios are on file and viewable throughout the application process, which includes consideration for financial awards for incoming students.

A portfolio of 15-20 pieces should represent your best work while demonstrating independent thinking and the diversity of your experiences in the visual arts. Your strongest area of work should make up the largest portion of your portfolio. If Drawing is the focus of your portfolio you should include at least 10 drawings from direct observation. The portfolio can include finished pieces, works in progress, and sketch books. It is not necessary to mat or frame your two-dimensional work. Applicants submitting digital photographs must also submit examples of other forms of image-making. The portfolio may include works in:



This includes traditional drawing techniques on paper as well as digital drawings and drawings done on alternative surfaces including sidewalks, cardboard, or walls. Images must reflect a basic understanding of observational drawing. Renderings of action heroes and/or anime characters are discouraged, unless you plan on pursing a degree Concentration in Illustration/Animation, and the characters you present are of your own original design.

Artist Books

All types and sizes.

Sketch Books

All types and sizes.


This includes traditional stretched canvas as well as painting on a variety of surfaces including murals, interior and exterior walls, wood panels and all types of paper.


This includes both digital photography and black-and-white photographs produced in the darkroom. Photographs are evaluated on composition, subject matter, and image quality.  Photographs should convey your sense of observation and creative vision –over-reliance on filters or Photoshop techniques may obscure our evaluation of your portfolio. Again, applicants submitting digital photographs must also submit examples of other forms of image-making.

Graphic Design

(also, Communication Design or Visual Communication) This can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms designed to convey ideas or information to an audience.

Video and Animation

This may include short narrative films, animation, documentary, and experimental work.  Upload videos to SlideRoom or include a link to the video.

Digital Media

In selecting your digital work, keep in mind that we regard digital technologies as a tool for creative practice – the technology itself is not the end result. Digital images (including digital paintings and drawings) will be evaluated based on composition, creativity, design, subject matter, and image quality.

Multi-Dimensional Art

This includes traditional and non-traditional sculptural work in any material, as well as found object assemblage, sculptural installation, environmental art, performance art or wearable art. This may also include functional objects in any traditional and non-traditional craft medium


This includes images created using various traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques.

Mixed Media

This includes collage and installation work.
Please note: at an in-person portfolio review, both digital imagery and video can be shown on a laptop. When you submit these items via SlideRoom, include stills from motion pieces in your SlideRoom portfolio and note them as such in the area provided for you to describe images.


If you have any problems, or questions about your application, please call the AAH office at 860-486-3930, or email us at art@uconn.edu.


Portfolio Review Schedule & Application Deadlines


September 30, 2021

Department of Art and art History @ the Mattatuck Museum

144 West Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06702

get directions

Portfolio Reviews 4:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.

Registration Required


October 30, 2021

Online via VisitDays

Time TBD


January 15, 2022 Freshmen and International Applicants: Common Application deadline - all additional materials submitted

January 15, 2022 – Freshmen and International Applicants: Deadline for SlideRoom completion



February 1, 2022 – Transfer Applicants: Common Application deadline - all additional materials submitted

Februrary 1, 2022 - Transfer Applicants: Deadline for SlideRoom completion