Our students have benefited from several pre-professional opportunities such as project funding, participation in professional competitions, and exposure through publication or exhibition opportunities. Recipients of these awards are listed below.


  • Diana Abouchacra (BFA ‘ 17) – Hilla Rebay Post Baccalaureate Fellowship at Trinity College
  • Megan Edmonson (BFA ’18) – Chase Going Woodhouse Prize and the Feminist Arts Award 
  • Yanlin Hu (’18) Calligraphy in the Expanded Field IDEA Grant
  • Emily Regan (’19)  Foxhead Manor: A Whimsical and Paranormal Graphic Novel of New England’s History in the Gilded Age IDEA Grant


  • Catherine Solari (BFA’17) One-to-One Mapping Translations
  • Louise Astorino (BFA ’17) – Raccogliere: The Italian Way of Life IDEA Grant
  • Michael Amato (BFA ’17) – Documenting the Burner Subculture: Photographs of the Hawai‘i Fire Artists – SURF Grant
  • Kiana Cao (’18) Examining Japanese Buddhism through the Eyes of Hawaii IDEA Grant 
  • James Keth (BFA ’19) The Untold Genocide: An Examination of Postmemory on the People of Cambodia IDEA Grant
  • Austin MacDonald (BFA’18) Sequentially Cut: A Collaged Graphic Narrative IDEA Grant
  • Diana Abouchacra (BFA ‘ 17) Include/Exclude: Explorations of Xenophobia through Printmaking


  • Nicole Horsman (BFA ’15)  – Connecticut Art Directors Club Silver Award – Klaus
  • Seb Blaisdell (BFA ’15) – Connecticut Art Directors Club Excellence Award
  • Jocelyn Lau (BFA ’15) – The Undergraduate Awards for Visual Art & Design
  • Feifei Luo (BFA ’15) – Arches/Canson Paper Prize at the Arches 9th Biennial Student Print Exhibition
  • Ariel Spiegerman (BFA ’15) – Arches/Canson Paper Prize at the Arches 9th Biennial Student Print Exhibition
  • Franklin Canales (BFA ’16) – AIGA / Professional Association for Design Student Scholarship Award
  • Alana Valdez (BFA ’16) – OUR Supply Award – Double Take
  • Catherine Solari (BFA ’17) – SHARE Award – Galatea Triumphant: Explorations in Figurative Ceramic Sculpture for Upcoming Solo and Group Exhibitions
  • Brendan Smalec (BA ’16) – SURF Grant – Looking Beyond the Genetic Code: Cracking the Epigenetic Changes Associated with Tumorigenesis and Metastasis in the White-Footed Mouse (Molecular and Cell Biology)
  • Ryan King (BFA ’16)  – IDEA Grant – Visual Meditation – Ryan created and exhibited a body of artwork that explores the interactions between paintings and viewers using hard edge abstraction with an open-minded and meditative approach.
  • Raeanne Nuzzo (BFA ’17) – Fear: The Culture – IDEA Grant – Raeanne will complete an interactive design project that examines statements about danger and fear from the current presidential primary campaign, paired with the hashtag “#FearTheCulture” printed over a variety of images from sensationalized media, as a method of exploring the contemporary American culture of fear.
  • Brendan Smalec (BFA ’16) – Looking Beyond the Genetic Code: Mapping the Epigenomic Landscape of Tumorigenesis and Metastasis in the White-Footed Mouse – IDEA Grant – Brendan explored the epigenetic markers of a highly metastatic tumor found in the white-footed mouse to identify genes that contribute to the development of tumors.


  • Mikey Karpiel (BFA ’14) – Connecticut Art Directors Club Judges’ Award, Gold Award and Silver Award
  • Jamie Girolamo (BFA ’14) – OUR Supply Award – The Bond of a Father and Daughter
  • Samantha Sealy (BFA ’14) – OUR Supply Award – Photo Manipulation
  • Nellie Binder (BA ’15) – SURF Grant – Photographs that Changed History: The Majdanek Liberation Narrative
  • Antonio Campelli (BFA ’15) – SURF Grant – Recording Remains: Reading the Book Format as Installation


  • Kaitrin Acuna (BFA ’15) – OUR Supply Award – Translucence
  • Brooke Foti (BFA ’15) – OUR Supply Award – Translucence
  • Julianne Norton (Art Minor ’15) – SHARE Award – Contemporary Indian Art
  • Kaitrin Acuna (BFA ’15) – SURF Grant – Sculpting Sound: A Book on the Art and Science of Synesthesia
  • Julianne Norton (Art Minor ’15) – SURF Award – How to Make the Ideal Shoe: Postmemory and Artists’ Books
  • Marissa Stanton (BFA ’15) – IDEA Grant – Studying Color and Light in Tuscany – Marissa traveled to Florence, Italy to conduct research on color, light, and atmosphere, which was used to create a series of paintings along with a limited-edition book of poetry reflecting upon her work and how it developed in that environment.


  • Isabelle Nat (BA ’13) – SHARE Award – Queen Marau in Paris: Fashion, Gender, and Colonial Politics in the Late 19th Century
  • Karolina Hac (BA ’14) – SURF Grant – Copenhagen as a Canvas: A Study of the Presence of Street Art


From 2012-2016, Art & Art History majors and minors received over $102,000 in support from the Office of Undergraduate Research, including over $68,000 in UConn IDEA Grant funding.