Artist SHEN XIN Talks with UConn MFA Students

Artist Talk


Shen Xin, the current artist featured in the Protests, Proclamations & Celebrations exhibition in
the Contemporary Art Gallery, visited an MFA seminar to allow time for the graduate students to
ask questions about her artwork, the processes behind it, and her career path. Their dialogue
covered a range of topics, one of them being her transition from MFA to post-MFA to life as a
professional artist as that resonated with the graduate students. She also spoke on how her
work has changed since being out of school, how she casts people for her videos and the
fluidity of her movie making process. She touched on some of the personal challenges that
she’s faced as an artist, how she handles negative comments and critiques about her work, how
to navigate and seek out funding, and highlighted the relationships she’s formed through her
work. She expressed her passion for teaching in the future and mentioned that she has a gallery
in Shanghai.