Professor Deborah Dancy Interviewed by ArtPulse Magazine

Recently, Professor and painter, Deborah Dancy, sat down with Jeff Edwards of ArtPulse Magazine to discuss the numerous bodies of work featured on her website,

Edwards writes:
“Although her art is thoroughly abstract, Deborah Dancy’s paintings, drawings, and works in other mediums are
intimately bound to the world of concrete objects and the ephemeral perceptions and feelings of everyday life. On her website (, she comments on her fascination with “the poetic terrain of the incomplete, the fragment, the ruin and residue of ‘almost was,’ and ‘might become’” that she’s encountered in the zone between abstraction and representation. In the following interview, Dancy talks about how this notion has influenced her art artmaking; the wide and ever-expanding array of thoughts, impressions, and situations that have shaped her artistic practice over time; the interaction of different mediums in her creative process; and ways in which the commonplace and the near-at-hand have often had a profound influence on her most abstract work.”

To read the article in its entirety click here: Art Pulse No. 24 | Vol. 7 | 2015.